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NASA: ISS028-E-020072 (31 July 2011)

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Summer Internship | University of Winnipeg

RIS4E Summer Internship at University of Winnipeg.

Heating effects on the Murchison CM2 carbonaceous chondrite.

There are a number of carbonaceous chondrites that have undergone aqueous alteration followed by thermal metamorphism. This project is an outgrowth of a summer 2014 project looking at the effects of heating on a simulated CM2 carbonaceous chondrite. In the 2015 project, we are heating a sample of Murchison in 100°C increments from room temperature to 1200°C for one week at a time, and characterizing the sample by X-ray diffraction (XRD) and reflectance spectroscopy before and after every heating step. The goal is to be able to relate spectral reflectance changes to changes in mineralogy of Murchison as determined by XRD, so that a comprehensive understanding of the effects of heating of aqueously altered carbonaceous chondrites can be obtained.

The successful applicant will earn a stipend of $8000 over the course of the summer. Start and end dates are negotiable with the faculty mentor. To apply for this position, submit a resume, unofficial college transcript(s), and two letters of reference to Prof. Ed Cloutis at All applications must be submitted by March 31. Successful applicants will be notified by early April. For more information about RIS4E, go to

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